Angie's, Allison's, Meagan's and Marina's Food and Exercise Journal

Four twenty-something women embark on a 72-day weightloss journey.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Angie's Tuesday

Breakfast- oatmeal with fruit cup (3)
Snack-popcorn/trail mix (4)
Lunch-healthy choice dinner (fish, rice, broccoli, apples) (5)
Snack- peppermint patty (1)
DInner-cereal with milk (4)
Snacks- chips (2), ice cream bar (2)

Points used: 21
Exercise- Pilates & 20 min walk: Activity Points- 2 points
Went over 1 point :)

Comments: I feel alot better and I am excited about exercising again. I feel like I can reach my goal weight if I just push myself. Monday I didnt feel like exercising at all and had to drag myself to the gym, but I felt better about going. I must keep this up!!
Weighed in at 142.6 today after class today. Want to be at 140 by Monday.


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